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If you have more than one child and there is not much room, what can you do?
If you have more than one child and there is not much room you could set up a “sleep sharing” room.
Children accept company up to adolescence: you could divide the common bedroom in more little rooms by using some curtains of suitable colours. In the small alcoves you can place a bed, a small table with a chair and create some room for the child’s personal things.
This is the bare minimum so that the child’s need for space appropriation is at least partly satisfied. One of these little rooms could become the “common room” for recreation. This solution is more appropriate than setting up a classical bunk bed.
As a matter of fact a bunk bed can arise two problems: the first one is that you cannot avoid that one or the other child thinks that the brother or sister has the best place and secondly whenever the child sleeping on the upper bed is ill it must be moved to the lower bed otherwise it cannot be taken care of properly.
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