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What should you consider for a child friendly bedroom ?

The place where children sleep influences both their physical and mental health.

A healthy and peaceful environment conveys to children the serenity that makes them feel good during the day.
Their bedroom should be located at the back of the house because usually this location is further away from road noises and ensures them more peacefulness.

Since the child’s body becomes more sensitive and receptive during sleep you should avoid setting up the child’s bedroom above a garage, a laundry and cellars furnished with metal shelves: as a matter of fact these great metal loads could interfere with the natural magnetic field of the child and could cause insomnia.

The first place outside the mother’s womb should be for babies the prolonging of the serenity they have just left and therefore their little bedrooms should be as close as possible to their parents’ one.

It is possible to notice a tendency to withdrawing or even to anguish in a child (expecially an only child) whose bedroom is located far away from their parents’ bedroom.

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