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Most nursery furniture are designed for babies and are not suitable for a young child because either they are not built to last or they are decorated for babies. The majority of parents would prefer nursery furniture that they can use for their child as they grow up. Furniture that would look special in a nursery and furniture that would look equally special (not too baby like) in a young childs room.

Natura is a wonderful collection of nursery furniture featuring a colourful baby giraffes. This collection includes a wide selection of furniture units that can be combined to create the perfect loving environment for your child. Later on when your child becomes older, the giraffe can be removed to create a more suitable environment for a older child. There are two fabulous collection colours – Ivory/Mocha and white/blue/yellow.  Renee of Viva Baby comments “Nursery furniture should be playful for a baby and charming for a young child. Natura accomplishes both, the giraffe is playful and without the giraffe creates a more sophisticated bedroom for a growing child”. The Natura collection can be bought online at 

See the Natura collection here ... click.
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